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How can I clean my house like a professional housekeeper?

I start with your kitchen.  Most housekeepers start with cleaning the kitchen and then make one or two stops in other areas.  No need to start with the rest of the house. Cleaning the kitchen is the first stop.  The housekeeper spends time at this particular spot and doesn’t leave once she is done. Cleaning your windows and doors will give you some ideas. You will need a helper to move the furniture out.

What is the best way to clean a house?

This question comes up on all types of sides, and one might find different answers.  A man may decide to use bleach instead of water or waste paper towels.  An ordinary door will be cleaned with ordinary soap and water.  Still, others might simply scrub with the scrubbing sticks or regular kitchen towels. But why is this the best method?  And what is the difference between an ordinary soap and a bleach? How much should I be using?   Since we know our homes were constructed of materials of the best

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