Electric grill is an expert in steak frying, it has precise temperature control. Strong, medium frying or with blood – it’s up to you. Not even knowing how to cook, you can do everything delicious. Both surfaces heat up quickly, the heat doesn’t change while the dish is being cooked. The flat surface creates an appetizing crust, while the ribbed surface creates classic stripes. Meat is cooked on both sides, so the cooking time is reduced and the product’s maximum health is maintained.

Electric grill: how to choose – 5 main functions

The main thing when choosing an electric grill.


Ranges from 400 to 4400 W. The more, the faster the dish is taken with the rouge crust with stripes and does not lose its juiciness. Some outdoor electric grills are equipped with two independent tans. One can be quickly roasted, the other can be “brought” to a low temperature condition.
Adjustable tilt angle of the working plates of the device

Not all models, but it’s convenient:

  • drains juice and fat when you cook meat or fish – they have a minimum of carcinogens. The optimal tilt angle is 7°;
  • nothing burns, no smoke;
  • this trick is a great way to clean the machine.

Electric grill Casing

  • The plastic models are lighter and easier to carry. Thanks to the protective coating, plastic does not heat or melt at high temperatures. They are cheaper by cost than with metal coating.
  • Stainless steel is the standard of quality and quality.

Built-in Frying Degree Sensor

With this function, cooking is a song. You choose a program with the right degree of frying, the rest is a matter of technique. Sensors measure the thickness of the steak and determine the optimal cooking time. All information is displayed on the digital display. The color display and beep signal indicate that the food is ready to serve.

Steak is grilled for an average of 3 minutes at 200-250°C. Don’t be in a hurry to cut the meat from the heat and let the piece of meat rest for 10-20 minutes. During this time, the juice will spread inside the slice. The meat will “come”, will gain another 4-7°C and will be juicier.